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Digitalising sales process of property Malaysia

Digitalisation in the property Malaysia industry is widely known yet meager in execution. The “boleh-lah” attitude has been holding us back from better…

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Attract expats to invest in Malaysia property with virtual tour

With Malaysia entering the endemic stage, property developers are looking for more expats to invest in Malaysia property. Due to the travel …

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Overcoming challenges in real estate digitalisation

Ever wonder why the proptech in Malaysia is still laid-back with slow progress? Let us walk through the challenges in real estate digitalisation and how we can overcome it with …

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How a 540° virtual tour increases customer’s trust towards property developers

Earn your customers’ trust towards you, AKA the property developers when you have a 540° virtual tour. Don’t think a 540° virtual tour would help you in gaining trust? Read on and you …

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3 Impacts of 3D Virtual Tour in Real Estate Industry

The real estate industry has long preached about the property 3D virtual tour, yet many property developers are still hesitating despite the well-known benefits. Why? Due to the limited…

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4 Top Benefits of Proptech

Digital inclusiveness is a big part of our lives, and the real estate industry is not lacking behind when it comes to proptech. From education, finance, to marketing, we observe how …

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